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Cordial flavors? This weekend? - TheCaravanserai [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Cordial flavors? This weekend? [Aug. 26th, 2009|11:40 am]


Dan, Shelly, Todd, and I are making cordials (maybe mead?) at my house this weekend. Anyone want to join in the fun? Give us a call and let us know when you're coming over.

On that note, I am at a loss for ideas for cordial flavors. Any suggestions/recipes? I've already asked Shelly to make me the amazing gingerbread cordial that he had at Pennsic. He won't give me the recipe but I told him I don't care as long as he makes a ton of it for me :D

But I need other ideas for flavors to make myself. Any thoughts? Also, would it be possible or advisable to make something orange/cinnamon/rosewater flavored or would they just not mix well as a drink?