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Pennsic, Pennsic, Pennsic! [Jul. 23rd, 2010|12:14 am]


Okay a few quick notes.

Dan and I are driving Elaine to Pennsic on Sunday (she's on staff and has to be there early).  We're also bringing a load to the storage unit and checking out the state of things there.  If anyone has free time and wants to drive out there for a lark, do join us

Does anyone have a fire extinguisher?  Hands up if you have one and can lend it to us.  I only need three; one for the kitchen, one for the dining room, and one for the lounge tent.

Hands up if anyone has a pancake griddle to loan/donate.  I either need two of the long pancake griddles that fit a camp stove OR four of the square pancake pans (like in previous years) that fit over a single burner

Here is our current donation thermometer.
Goal: $800-$1000
Current cash donations: $0
Donations can be made by cash, check or Paypal to Pacita@Materialis.com

Speaking of donations, go look at the responses to the last post I made on the LJ page! (http://community.livejournal.com/thecaravanserai/8974.html#cutid1)   Jordan has been doing AMAZING things for us!  Thanks so much, Jordan and the whole Weinstein Family!  Now we have a real sink, better water, and are reducing the cost of our propane!  Woot!

Speaking of reducing costs, I am super excited about a storage possibility for this year.  If all goes well, we will be joining Landsknecht Ost (and the lovely Todd) in purchasing a very large, ONSITE, storage trailer!  The investment is a little daunting but in the long run it will save us money and make set up smoother.  Think positive thoughts, everyone!

I'm selling the carport canopy that we had for our kitchen last year.  Does anyone want to buy it?  You can have it for $80 if you do.  I'm also going to see about culling some of the unnecessary things from our storage while I'm there and will post more on that later.

Be sure to sign up on the dinner list!  We're looking for chefs, prep assistants, dishwashers, etc.  Laura has volunteered to sponsor/cook for spaghetti night on the first Wed.  I'll update the sign up sheet and repost it when we have more responses. 

Dan and I are leaving for Pennsic on Friday morning July 30th.  We will be caravanning with Laura and Reuben.  Does anyone else want to caravan with us?  It'll be fun and maybe we'll stop at the amusement park for lunch :)


[User Picture]From: emrny
2010-07-23 03:21 pm (UTC)

Car Port

Hey, Pacita. I think I want the carport. Let me talk to the hubby and get back to you, but they wanted something to cover up and "disguise" the steel trailer that houses the Quartermaster's Office. A carport sounds ideal, since it's always located next to the Security Pavilion. Something with white walls and a vaguely pavilion-like shape would help it blend. And maybe keep the damn thing from heating up so much!

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[User Picture]From: folkloricfusion
2010-07-23 09:30 pm (UTC)

Re: Car Port

When we go to the storage unit, you cam take a look at it. It's got a tear in a corner that we patched with gorilla tape and have been using it that way for a few years now which is why I marked it down so cheap. I just need to get rid of some carports now that we have new(ish) pavilions :)
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