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Pennsic news from Pacita and Daniel [Apr. 17th, 2010|11:34 pm]


Greetings, Everyone!

It's that time of year when I remind everyone to:

1) Pre-reg for Pennsic with Ostgardr if you wanna hang out with Dan and Pacita.
2) No really, you better pre-reg before the online deadline of June 15 or you'll end up in another camp or in singles camping this year.
3) Ostgardr fee this year is $20 per person (mandatory) and $15/week for the hot shower (optional) payable to Baron Alexander or Sir Edward (Baron Ian will not be attending war this year).
4) Once you've pre-regged, please let me know and tell me what size your tent is.
5) There are some new announcements and major changes in the way Dan and I are setting up our camp this year.

First of all, for the shade lounge area this year we will have an actual pavilion! YAY! We will have either a 14 x 18 Panther pavilion OR an 11 x 20 Tentsmiths pavilion for the camp (if I can find another $400 we will get an attached awning for the Tentsmiths but I don't see where that money is coming from right now). It all depends on what merchanting space Materialis/Drum & Whistle get this year.

I'm also going to set up and hopefully decorate an ez-up tent as the "kids castle". This is a place for the kids to play, keep their toys, maybe have some of their meals (I saw a really cute kids table set yesterday), and just generally be kids.

The kitchen may be moving closer to the showers/water. The dining room location is still being decided on.

Now for the hard part.

We will always, always, ALWAYS, have a shade area that is open and welcoming to all. That shade lounge will ALWAYS have water to refresh our visitors and family. We will also always sponsor the Ostgardr Pancake breakfast. The shade, water, and pancake breakfast are what Dan and I originally started and we want to keep that.

However, we did a quick estimated breakdown of what running the kitchen/dining room costs us and here it is.

Storage - $515.16
Gas/Transport - $100
Propane ($2.60/can x 2cans/day x 13 days) - $67.60
Water ($1.50/gal x 5gal/day x 13 days) - $97.50
Ice (2cubes@$3/cube every other day) - $42
Misc expenses (upkeep, replacement and growth of inventory, candles/batteries, tarps, etc.) - $177.30
Total: $1000

That doesn't include the cost of the 2-4 major meals that we have sponsored in the past and misc food expenses which can easily add up to an additional $400-$600. That also doesn't include the prior investments in inventory such as the tables, chairs, racks, carports, stoves, coolers, etc.

Daniel and I love the kitchen/dining room but the donations we currently get just don't come anywhere near enough to supporting the kitchen. To be honest, we're drowning. We're burning out both financially, and physically/mentally. So here's the deal.

This year, for the kitchen, We will be starting a donation "thermometer". We will take donations now through the last day of Pennsic. If we do not get at least $1000 of donations this year, we will close the kitchen/dining room, sell off the inventory, and not have the big kitchen next year. It will be a little sad if it comes to that but it's a necessary decision to make.

It's not that much if you think about it. If we can get 20 people to give us at least $50 each, that's about $3.85 per person a day for 13 days. Which I think is well worth the pleasure of the kitchen and dining room. If we can get more people than that to donate, so much the better.

Donations can be made through paypal to Pacita@Materialis.com or by cash or check.

But we WILL have a kitchen for this Pennsic which brings me to my next major change. We need a kitchen manager or managers. Basically 1-3 people to take charge of the kitchen. I'll be explaining how that works plus the new planned layout in a later email.

There is also some exciting new musical and merchanting news regarding Materialis/Drum&Whistle that is still under wraps at the moment so keep on the lookout for those coming announcements too!

Thanks for listening, Everyone. Don't forget to pre-reg and We hope to see you all at Pennsic!

-Pacita & Daniel