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Recovered yet? [Aug. 17th, 2009|01:17 pm]


So, have you guys recovered yet?  I'm still unpacking...but have also been running around like crazy as usual.  I had my brothers wedding yesterday and this upcoming week is full of rehearsals, meetings, etc. 

Btw, My fabulous friend Kamille, who is another Pennsic goer and stopped by our camp late after Dan's birthday party, is in NYC and Dancing at Jebon on Wednesday night.  Here are the details http://www.bellyqueen.com/djam.html  I have a reservation already.  Who wants to join me at my table?  let me know :)

So far as Caravanserai stuff is concerned, I think that there might be some big changes coming for next Pennsic.  Dan and I are mulling some things over and would love to get other people's feedback and suggestions.  You can leave messages here either signed or anonymously or email Caravanserai@Materialis.com with your input.  Give us feedback before August 31 because Dan and I would like to make some decisions and get some balls rolling by then.

Also, who's going to Barleycorn?

Miss you all,

Pacita and Daniel

From: vitreaanansi
2009-08-20 04:30 pm (UTC)

Post Continued

~~Meals and our Fabulous Kitchen; this was my first year cooking at Pennsic and thank you to all that helped!!! Cooking big is much easier than cooking for just Greg and I at home and I look forward to cooking again next year. One thing that seemed a bit murky about sponsoring a meal was that if you plan a meal you should bring what you plan to cook and any special utensils, spices or whatever that you need to pull it off. This was one of the things that was a big wall for me but with a little planning got over it. Not everyone is able to sponsor a meal, but Pacita and Dan have it clearly set up so people can contribute in a manner appropriate to their situation. Another minor obstacle to over come was not having measuring spoons, now I know better and can either bring some from home next time or pick up a set to donate. Having meal nights planned and sponsored also helps at kitchen pack down time by eliminating the situation of ‘what to do with all of this left over random food?’
Ice, ice, ice. With coolers comes a need for Ice! It was lacking this year. Thanks to those who were able to pick some up!!! What kind of coolers do we need to have a similar set up to two years ago. There were specific coolers for meat, beverages, etc. maybe a smaller cooler for just meats.
The kitchen is amazing but it does take a long time to break down. It should be shut down to minimum usage Friday afternoon with dishes and silverware washed accounted for and packed. Personal camp utensils should be brought out to use instead if you have them. Saturday the kitchen should be entirely packed down. I’m working on a “last day” kit filled with necessities for the pack down like paper plates, prepackaged single serve open and eat foods, and other things to keep us sane, like water pistols for an in camp cool off! Any suggestion of items would be helpful and appreciated.
This year’s addition of the sink was awesome! Thanks Jordan. Would a large Rubbermaid style trash barrel work as a stand/leakage catch for the sink?

The Caravanserai works when we all contribute to it but don’t feel like you have to be a slave to it, that isn’t the point. Take a break from the group set up to make sure your own space is in comfortable order and then come back fresh and rested. As we learn what it takes to make this structure happen we can each find our own stone to set in its foundation. (yup, I’m a corndog like that, deal)

That’s my brain dump for now as other things come to mind there will be more posts. Pacita feel free to email this to those that don’t get to LJ. Feedback and opinions are welcome!
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[User Picture]From: folkloricfusion
2009-08-20 05:42 pm (UTC)

Re: Post Continued

Thanks for posting all this! It's a lot to think about. But I do have one little thing to add. You know the white plastic scoop measures? The handles of those are also measuring spoons :) I also thought that it might not be obvious enough so I do have plans on getting (or getting donated) some spoon measures as well :)
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