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Recovered yet? [Aug. 17th, 2009|01:17 pm]


So, have you guys recovered yet?  I'm still unpacking...but have also been running around like crazy as usual.  I had my brothers wedding yesterday and this upcoming week is full of rehearsals, meetings, etc. 

Btw, My fabulous friend Kamille, who is another Pennsic goer and stopped by our camp late after Dan's birthday party, is in NYC and Dancing at Jebon on Wednesday night.  Here are the details http://www.bellyqueen.com/djam.html  I have a reservation already.  Who wants to join me at my table?  let me know :)

So far as Caravanserai stuff is concerned, I think that there might be some big changes coming for next Pennsic.  Dan and I are mulling some things over and would love to get other people's feedback and suggestions.  You can leave messages here either signed or anonymously or email Caravanserai@Materialis.com with your input.  Give us feedback before August 31 because Dan and I would like to make some decisions and get some balls rolling by then.

Also, who's going to Barleycorn?

Miss you all,

Pacita and Daniel

From: vitreaanansi
2009-08-20 04:27 pm (UTC)

Pennsic thoughts

This year set up and breakdown was a bit rough and there were some growing pains but the times between were magical at the Caravanserai. Uncontrollable circumstances had set up starting a day and a half later than usual setting a stressful tone over the existing excitement of the new set up.
Pacita has a great way of organizing the meal schedule and that kind of structure needs to be applied to setting up and breaking down the Caravanserai. More people are needed during these times to make this work, especially breakdown. On Sunday I lost focus there was plenty to do but had no idea where to start and became stagnant with being overwhelmed, a posted task list would be great to get over that. These are some of the things:
Initial set up tasks:~Hauling things from storage (onsite trailer in the future? How to make this happen?)~Floor layout~Trenching and Sump creation~Carport Assembly~Carport Decoration/Tapestry hanging~Set up lighting~Kitchen set up: this actually needs to have its own sub-list~Carpet Roll out~Furniture assembly Pack down tasks:~Take down decorations, tapestries, clean and pack candle stuff~Furniture Breakdown~Roll carpets~Rinse and stand floorboards to dry for storing~Take down carports (one should be left up ‘til last to have a shaded/dry area to work in)~Kitchen breakdown: Again needs its own sub-list~Filling trenches and sumps~Haul stuff to storage

~~Rain preparation, it needs to happen during initial set up not after we’ve scrambled through the first rain.
If we’re going with the three-carport system again the front should have end caps like the back walls do. What are the dimensions of the cap walls they can be searched for on craigslist. If you guys are interested and could lend me one cap wall as a pattern, I will make one from light canvas and paint the front side of it. Perhaps in a Turkish mosaic style? There is a zipper door kit at home depot that can be incorporated into the design so the end can be rolled open during good weather then closed for shade or to block rain. I’d do just one to test and if it worked well could do the other two after.
The gutter system over all worked, a few more attachments and some stronger clips and the gutter itself will be fine. The draining into the kitchen did make a bit of a mess though. Trenching a drain path beneath floorboards in the kitchen would help and that would need to be routed so as not to flood the camp behind us. Even if we use another system next year more trenching will need to be done.
The seams on the center carport caused most of the problem once the gutters were set. I’ll put gorilla tape on my pack list, a strip on each side of the seam may do the trick.
The boards were a great solution for the muddy floor, the door not so much though. I like Jordan’s idea of securing them. Picking up boards at home depot means more hauling and storage but it is worth is not to muck about in mud. These will have to be rinsed off at the end of Pennsic as well. How do you feel about a raised floor in the space where the carpet is?

~~An idea on lighting in the living/class space, two pennsics ago a young man camping with us had this thing. It was a portable power supply that had all kinds of electrical outlets, a flood light, I think the thing could even be used to jump start a car. Some research into emergency power equipment may be a way to have the mini white lights Pacita was hoping for in the common area. I still love the candle ambiance in the feast table area, there’s no beating that.

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