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Recovered yet? [Aug. 17th, 2009|01:17 pm]


So, have you guys recovered yet?  I'm still unpacking...but have also been running around like crazy as usual.  I had my brothers wedding yesterday and this upcoming week is full of rehearsals, meetings, etc. 

Btw, My fabulous friend Kamille, who is another Pennsic goer and stopped by our camp late after Dan's birthday party, is in NYC and Dancing at Jebon on Wednesday night.  Here are the details http://www.bellyqueen.com/djam.html  I have a reservation already.  Who wants to join me at my table?  let me know :)

So far as Caravanserai stuff is concerned, I think that there might be some big changes coming for next Pennsic.  Dan and I are mulling some things over and would love to get other people's feedback and suggestions.  You can leave messages here either signed or anonymously or email Caravanserai@Materialis.com with your input.  Give us feedback before August 31 because Dan and I would like to make some decisions and get some balls rolling by then.

Also, who's going to Barleycorn?

Miss you all,

Pacita and Daniel

[User Picture]From: theincubus
2009-08-17 06:19 pm (UTC)
I'm not quite sure how it worked out for you all but by in large the camping experience was straightforward for us. Hopefully the children were not overly disruptive to the vibe. They certainly help motivate people to pick up their stuff as they will happily play with anything that's left out in the open.


A conventional stand up sink would be useful, but not critical. Really once the hose is at the camp, tubs seem to work ok. A shut off at the end would optimize the convenience but it's not critical. Wash area toward the side with a drainage ditch would be ideal.

The in-line water filter for drinking water seemed to be a real winner. I liked not having to purchase and haul 50ish gallons of water this war.

Common space was delightful but water handling under the carpet needed improvement. A layer of landscape cloth topped by a woven synthetic mat underneath seems optimal to allow drainage under a carpet. Should prevent wicking too.

Use of space for classes was ok with the exception of the pre and post midnight madness periods. That's really the only daytime period that I might wish to use the common area, and it wasn't possible with yoga classes scheduled on top of that.

Boards as a stop gap measure vs mud may actually prove to be the most effective system for high traffic areas that are sodden. Keeping and transporting them might be the chore, but at least they are flat. Drive a few screws through them and into the dirt to keep them from being surfboards (mudboards) next year?
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[User Picture]From: folkloricfusion
2009-08-20 06:16 pm (UTC)
Just some quick notes. More detailed replies and announcements will come once we've gotten feedback from more people.

We might be changing layout so that classes/dinner/cooking will not interrupt each other as it did this year.

The sink is awesome but a bit small. If you find the utility sink that Dan and I used for food at VTRF and don't need it, that would be cool. Maybe I can buy another one next year. We'll see.

How about RV mats in the Kitchen? Or will the mud just seep through? Rav was considering a raised floor somehow. Have to see more plans. Maybe disposable pallets with a re-useable top?
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