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Extra notes from Amy - TheCaravanserai [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Extra notes from Amy [Jul. 22nd, 2009|03:29 pm]


Amy sent me an email but hasn't quite gotten up to getting on the board.  Therefore I am posting her email to me so that you guys can see what she's bringing.  


We have a couple of rolls of Gorilla Tape.  It would be helpful to know how long the tear is.  It can probably fix it at least temporarily.  Gregg swears by the stuff.  We also might use it to fashion gutters for the carports.  I will ransack the barns for serviceable tarps/plastic to use to bridge the gaps.

I will also bring:

Good broom
Fire extinguisher
Chairs (as many as I can fit, 5 I think)
Skillets (one large one regular and maybe my mom's griddle if she'll let go of it)
2 Large Stock pots
Big First Aid Kit
Lots of Candles and some holders
Bunch of old but serviceable canvas tarps (for under the rugs, let me know if someone else brings these and I'll leave them home)
Fire bowl
Shade fabric to cover carports

Do we need/could we use:

A hose if I bring a small pool for the kids?
other cooking gear?
Fresh garden greens for Saturday/Sunday night?

We will have an empty truck for hauling stuff from the storage space.

We're going to leave Friday morning, likely around 8 am and will arrive around 6 pm.  Do you know if we camp out in the parking area on Friday night?  

I am hoping we can set up camp on Saturday and set the booth tents up on Sunday because Gregg is leaving Monday morning.  Do you think that will work?  

If you think it helps to post any of this feel free.  I wasn't sure if I should and don't really know how!