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Pennsic, Pennsic, Pennsic! [Jul. 23rd, 2010|12:14 am]

Okay a few quick notes.

Dan and I are driving Elaine to Pennsic on Sunday (she's on staff and has to be there early).  We're also bringing a load to the storage unit and checking out the state of things there.  If anyone has free time and wants to drive out there for a lark, do join us

Does anyone have a fire extinguisher?  Hands up if you have one and can lend it to us.  I only need three; one for the kitchen, one for the dining room, and one for the lounge tent.

Hands up if anyone has a pancake griddle to loan/donate.  I either need two of the long pancake griddles that fit a camp stove OR four of the square pancake pans (like in previous years) that fit over a single burner

Here is our current donation thermometer.
Goal: $800-$1000
Current cash donations: $0
Donations can be made by cash, check or Paypal to Pacita@Materialis.com

Speaking of donations, go look at the responses to the last post I made on the LJ page! (http://community.livejournal.com/thecaravanserai/8974.html#cutid1)   Jordan has been doing AMAZING things for us!  Thanks so much, Jordan and the whole Weinstein Family!  Now we have a real sink, better water, and are reducing the cost of our propane!  Woot!

Speaking of reducing costs, I am super excited about a storage possibility for this year.  If all goes well, we will be joining Landsknecht Ost (and the lovely Todd) in purchasing a very large, ONSITE, storage trailer!  The investment is a little daunting but in the long run it will save us money and make set up smoother.  Think positive thoughts, everyone!

I'm selling the carport canopy that we had for our kitchen last year.  Does anyone want to buy it?  You can have it for $80 if you do.  I'm also going to see about culling some of the unnecessary things from our storage while I'm there and will post more on that later.

Be sure to sign up on the dinner list!  We're looking for chefs, prep assistants, dishwashers, etc.  Laura has volunteered to sponsor/cook for spaghetti night on the first Wed.  I'll update the sign up sheet and repost it when we have more responses. 

Dan and I are leaving for Pennsic on Friday morning July 30th.  We will be caravanning with Laura and Reuben.  Does anyone else want to caravan with us?  It'll be fun and maybe we'll stop at the amusement park for lunch :)

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Pennsic! It's almost here!!!! [Jul. 13th, 2010|03:23 am]


Greetings, Everyone!

Sorry my Pennsic Missives have been few and far between this year. Life has been hectic for us lately as my parents have moved in with us (until they go back to Thailand in Oct.), Daniel's been working a freelance gig in Westchester, and I injured myself and have been in physical therapy. Hectic.

Clickety Click for Pennsic details!Collapse )


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Pennsic Kitchen Managers Needed [Jun. 7th, 2010|08:27 pm]

The time is approaching. Pre-reg for Pennsic ends in about 7 days. Don't forget to pre-reg!

As I said before, I am looking for 2-3 volunteer people to be Kitchen Managers. Here is the job description. If you have questions or want to volunteer, please email me as soon as possible.


Kitchen Managers will be responsible for all aspects the Pennsic Kitchen. This position is shared equally between 2-3 people. The kitchen managers are responsible for:

Set up:
You are responsible for
1)Transporting supplies and canopy to site.
2)Setting up canopy and kitchen.
3)Recruiting volunteers to help with set up

You are responsible for
1)Keeping the following always stocked. Propane for stoves, ice in the food coolers, water for cooking, drinking water in the drink coolers,.
2)Making sure that the dinner schedule is filled and staffed. Each meal needs the following. Sponsor/Chef, two assistants, dishwashers.
3)Making sure that the garbage and recycling gets taken out and that the Kitchen stays clean.
4)Recruiting volunteers to help.

Break down:
You are responsible for
1)Recruiting volunteers to help with breakdown.
2)Breaking down canopy and kitchen.
3)Transporting supplies and canopy to storage.
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Pennsic news from Pacita and Daniel [Apr. 17th, 2010|11:34 pm]

Greetings, Everyone!

It's that time of year when I remind everyone to:

1) Pre-reg for Pennsic with Ostgardr if you wanna hang out with Dan and Pacita.
2) No really, you better pre-reg before the online deadline of June 15 or you'll end up in another camp or in singles camping this year.
3) Ostgardr fee this year is $20 per person (mandatory) and $15/week for the hot shower (optional) payable to Baron Alexander or Sir Edward (Baron Ian will not be attending war this year).
4) Once you've pre-regged, please let me know and tell me what size your tent is.
5) There are some new announcements and major changes in the way Dan and I are setting up our camp this year.

Changes:Collapse )

There is also some exciting new musical and merchanting news regarding Materialis/Drum&Whistle that is still under wraps at the moment so keep on the lookout for those coming announcements too!

Thanks for listening, Everyone. Don't forget to pre-reg and We hope to see you all at Pennsic!

-Pacita & Daniel
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Hey! Screw the snow tomorrow night and dance with me at Jebon! [Feb. 9th, 2010|12:43 pm]

Hey, It's last minute and all but I'm dancing tomorrow night with Kaeshi and Scott Wilson's band at Jebon. Come on out and let's party! I don't want to dance in an empty restaurant :)

Details are here http://bellyqueen.com/djam.html

I have to say that one of the best things about living in NYC is that even if it snows an avalanche, the subways still run :D
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Pennsic carports for sale [Feb. 7th, 2010|05:32 pm]

Does anyone want to buy some carports? I have 3 of the Caravanserai carports for sale for $110 each if anyone wants to pick them up at Pennsic (one will be available in CT in April)

Let me know :)
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Cloisters & other stuff [Sep. 12th, 2009|02:57 pm]

The Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon, aka the Cloisters Festival, is October 4.  I could really use dancers and musicians, fighers and fencers.  Tables, chairs and canopies would be totally awesome, but I don't want to push my luck.  Is anyone planning to attend?  Does anyone need parking?  Please let me know.

Also, I have some newbie garb for a small to medium sized woman.  Nothing fancy.  Just odds and ends.  Free to a good home.  Anyone interested?

Elaine/Lady Melanie
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Cordial flavors? This weekend? [Aug. 26th, 2009|11:40 am]

Dan, Shelly, Todd, and I are making cordials (maybe mead?) at my house this weekend. Anyone want to join in the fun? Give us a call and let us know when you're coming over.

On that note, I am at a loss for ideas for cordial flavors. Any suggestions/recipes? I've already asked Shelly to make me the amazing gingerbread cordial that he had at Pennsic. He won't give me the recipe but I told him I don't care as long as he makes a ton of it for me :D

But I need other ideas for flavors to make myself. Any thoughts? Also, would it be possible or advisable to make something orange/cinnamon/rosewater flavored or would they just not mix well as a drink?
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Recovered yet? [Aug. 17th, 2009|01:17 pm]

So, have you guys recovered yet?  I'm still unpacking...but have also been running around like crazy as usual.  I had my brothers wedding yesterday and this upcoming week is full of rehearsals, meetings, etc. 

Btw, My fabulous friend Kamille, who is another Pennsic goer and stopped by our camp late after Dan's birthday party, is in NYC and Dancing at Jebon on Wednesday night.  Here are the details http://www.bellyqueen.com/djam.html  I have a reservation already.  Who wants to join me at my table?  let me know :)

So far as Caravanserai stuff is concerned, I think that there might be some big changes coming for next Pennsic.  Dan and I are mulling some things over and would love to get other people's feedback and suggestions.  You can leave messages here either signed or anonymously or email Caravanserai@Materialis.com with your input.  Give us feedback before August 31 because Dan and I would like to make some decisions and get some balls rolling by then.

Also, who's going to Barleycorn?

Miss you all,

Pacita and Daniel
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Extra notes from Amy [Jul. 22nd, 2009|03:29 pm]

Amy sent me an email but hasn't quite gotten up to getting on the board.  Therefore I am posting her email to me so that you guys can see what she's bringing.  


We have a couple of rolls of Gorilla Tape.  It would be helpful to know how long the tear is.  It can probably fix it at least temporarily.  Gregg swears by the stuff.  We also might use it to fashion gutters for the carports.  I will ransack the barns for serviceable tarps/plastic to use to bridge the gaps.

I will also bring:

Good broom
Fire extinguisher
Chairs (as many as I can fit, 5 I think)
Skillets (one large one regular and maybe my mom's griddle if she'll let go of it)
2 Large Stock pots
Big First Aid Kit
Lots of Candles and some holders
Bunch of old but serviceable canvas tarps (for under the rugs, let me know if someone else brings these and I'll leave them home)
Fire bowl
Shade fabric to cover carports

Do we need/could we use:

A hose if I bring a small pool for the kids?
other cooking gear?
Fresh garden greens for Saturday/Sunday night?

We will have an empty truck for hauling stuff from the storage space.

We're going to leave Friday morning, likely around 8 am and will arrive around 6 pm.  Do you know if we camp out in the parking area on Friday night?  

I am hoping we can set up camp on Saturday and set the booth tents up on Sunday because Gregg is leaving Monday morning.  Do you think that will work?  

If you think it helps to post any of this feel free.  I wasn't sure if I should and don't really know how!
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